5 Tips to Improve Intrusion Detection

NIST Revising Guide on Detection, Prevention Software Intrusion detection and prevention software has become a necessary addition to the information security infrastructure of many organizations, so the National Institute of Standards and Technology is updating its guidance to help organizations to employ the appropriate programs. NIST is seeking comments [...]

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Data-Driven Security – Using Metrics to Focus & Target Security Programs

Security programs can be dramatically improved by using a metrics-based assessment to focus them on the areas of greatest threat, and to use metrics as a management tool to keep the security program targeted on the areas that need the most attention. Using a data-driven approach – that is, [...]

Threat Modeling is the Exciting, Sexy Part of Risk Assessment

As a risk assessment professional, when I get into a risk discussion, most security people want to talk about THREAT!  Threat is the most sexy and exciting part of doing a risk assessment. Threats are exciting all by themselves.  Think about all the threats you can name: All the [...]

Webinar Looks at New OSHA Workplace Violence Directive

Workplace Violent Incidents have been on the rise in several specific organizations, including hospitals, home health organizations, social workers who do in home visit, and also late-night retail stores. On September 8, 2011, OSHA suddenly released their internal Directive on what their OSHA investigators look for when they go [...]