Vendor Risk Assessment Tool

Get your free vendor risk assessment tool- Courtesy of our content specialists!
Our RiskWatch content team has designed this vendor risk assessment checklist to help you assess vendor risk and take proactive steps to prevent, mitigate, and lessen risk. This will aid in your decision process when evaluating a current vendor or selecting a new vendor for your organization. Areas assessed include the vendor’s ability to reliably deliver their product/service, how well they can protect your data, if they meet industry standards, their financial stability, how well they can support their product, and of course cost.
With 28 pages of content, our checklist is a great resource for vendor assessments. Simply print the designated pages within the checklist and answer all of the survey questions. Tally your results to calculate your risk score. To prepare a report, should you choose to present the information you’ve collected or keep the data for reference, we’ve included an executive summary template.
As a reminder, offline assessments aren’t effective or enjoyable. Feel free to use this checklist as a reference, but consider using a free trial of our vendor assessment software, VendorWatch to perform a more complete and efficient practice assessment.

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