Data Collection Portal

The RiskWatch Data Collection Portal capability is a feature we’ve built in to every one of our products. It’s such a powerful tool, we needed to create a dedicated page to showcase its potential! The Data Collection Portal grants the ability to effortlessly collect data in assessments by eliminating the need to create login profiles for each participant. Need to collect information from a vendor or supplier? Just send them a link to your data collection portal to collect what you need – no training required!


Engage clients without the need to enter client information. Create a template security assessment for vendors and suppliers. Use for internal assessments. Let the Data Collection Portal simpify your processes in multiple areas.


Create a custom landing page for your Data Collection Portal, including your brand colors, logo, or a custom message. You can customize your landing page for each assessment you make, whether you want to cater to the participant or match the assessment criteria.


Assessments can be created just once and used repeatedly to capture assessment data. This eliminates unnecessary admin work in creating assessments. You’ll also eliminate training time by sending out a limited-view page.

Portal Workflow

Step 1

Create Your Assessment
A software user will follow the normal process of creating a new assessment. Under the Assessments tab, you will name the new assessment and select your desired assessment criteria.

Step 2

Create Assessment Link
Within the assessment screen, you will enable the option to create a sharable link. This creates a custom Data Collection Portal for your assessment. Share this link with whomever needs to provide your data.

Step 3

Complete Assessment
The responsible party will then access the Data Collection Portal through the provided link. All questions should be answered, as well as providing additional comments or attachments as needed. The data is then submitted once complete.

Step 4

Assessment Reports
Submitted data is instantly loaded into the software and analyzed. Choose whether you want survey participants to receive an automatic report of the assessment or if results should only be sent to the admin. Results are visible on the assessment screen.

Self-Assessment Portal

See an example of how the Data Collection Portal functions by visiting our Self-Assessment Portal!

Within this portal we utilize the Data Collection Portal capability to host a general security assessment. You’ll notice the structure of questions, customized banner, color scheme, and simple process of submitting data.

You’ll also gain a better understanding of your current security position compared to other organizations.

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