RiskWatch Partnerships

At RiskWatch, we believe that forming successful partnerships plays a key role in the development, delivery, and continued success of our compliance and risk management services. That’s why RiskWatch strives to promote a collaborative ecosystem of technology providers, consultants, resellers, and distributors in order to deliver the best security and risk management solutions worldwide.
RiskWatch only partners with service providers that offer solutions of the highest quality and complement our products and company values.


RiskWatch works closely with a network of carefully selected global technology and service partners. Our alliances are strategically formed in order to offer our customers better quality service, promote innovation, and meet our customer needs. Think we could benefit each other? Let’s help each other improve and reach new markets.


RiskWatch has a rapidly expanding reseller community and is growing its reseller partnerships with global leaders. We’re here to help you expand your offerings to provide a more complete package to your customers, as well as contribute to a recurring revenue stream. Our generous reseller agreements give exclusive discounts.

Customer satisfaction with our current customers has risen to 4.99 on a 5 point scale with RiskWatch. With our previous partner, customer satisfaction was 2.4.

Our Partners

Our History

In 1993, RiskWatch began developing specialized, easy-to-use, risk and compliance assessment software that could be used by clients all over the world for physical security, information security, hospital security, FFIEC, HIPAA compliance, GDPR compliance and more. The software was developed in accordance with federal guidelines and a variety of US Federal agencies, such as Veteran Affairs, the Department of Justice, The US Department of Defense, and the National Security Agency.
Since, RiskWatch has been used by State governments in all 50 states and internationally in Belgium, Canada, Dubai, Malta, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Romania, South Africa, Japan, Thailand, and Switzerland.
From multi-national corporations to community banks, RiskWatch’s risk assessment software became one of the most adaptable and widely used security risk assessment software platforms in the world.

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