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The Challenges

Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) are a requirement of companies that process, store, or transmit payment card data. Challenges in compliance often stem around how technical the standard is, including fields of data encryptionprotection against malwareinstallation of security solutions, and more.


This intensive standard has over 245 requirements that must be met for an entire 12-month period to achieve certification, requiring a thorough compliance management process that grants a total view of the organization, progress on tasksalerts to any changes, and other crucial data.


This process typically causes a lot of strain on employees that aren’t properly supported. Challenges such as missing subject matter expertisesiloed functions and disconnected systems, and monitoring progress across multiple scopes are frequent.

The Impact

Companies that don’t meet PCI-DSS compliance are at risk of experiencing a cyber-attack in which card information and other data is stolen or held for ransom. PCI-DSS non-compliance fines can range from $5,000 to $100,000 a month, a large sum for any company to waste. This is ultimately money that could instead be used to grow your organization.


Even one unmet requirement can result in a failed audit. Failed audits decrease confidence in the brand in the eyes of customers, partners, and stakeholders. Noncompliance can also result in a breach of contract, which comes with its own potential fees and loss of business that affects your bottom line. Other losses include fraud and higher subsequent costs of compliance.


Breaches or theft of personal data of cardholders will in turn affect the entire payment card environment. This lowers trust in card usage in general and makes you a negative example.

Achieve your PCI-DSS Compliance Goals with RiskWatch

Prebuilt Content Libraries

RiskWatch offers over 50 prebuilt content libraries that are ready for use in our platform. These libraries contain industry standards and regulations, lending subject matter expertise and guidance for organizations. Achieving compliance with these libraries ensures risk is minimized.
Automated Compliance Management
Streamlined Security Risk Assessments

Automated Analysis

RiskWatch software streamlines the assessment process, using our intelligent analysis methodology to collect all relevant security data and highlighting any security gaps. Automated analysis aims to improve security positioning without the need to manually compare site data and risk scoring prioritizes projects, allowing you to manage security without getting stuck in the weeds.

Automated Reporting

RiskWatch enables customers to standardize and automate reporting functions directly within the platform. Several report templates are included by default, with the added option to create custom templates. Templates can be saved to meet data and visual preferences. With the correct templates saved, generate any report with a single click.
Pre-built Content Libraries for Compliance Automation

Product Overview

An Intelligent Physical Security Risk Assessment Platform

SecureWatch is a state of the art security and risk assessment platform that can be utilized for facility compliance and security risk assessments. Reduce exposure to liability, manage risk, monitor and maintain security, and track continuous improvement.

An Information Security Risk Management Platform

CyberWatch is a modern assessment solution that can be utilized by various industries for cybersecurity and compliance risk assessments. The software enables you to reduce exposure to liability, manage risk, monitor and maintain cybersecurity, and track continuous improvement.

A Compliance Assessment and Management Platform

ComplianceWatch is a compliance audit and management platform that can be utilized by various industries for measuring compliance to any regulation, standard, or policy. Reduce exposure to liability, maintain public credibility, ensure adherence to best practices, track policy compliance, and track continuous improvement.

A Client Security and Compliance Risk Assessment Platform

ClientWatch can be utilized to manage client engagements in security audits, risk assessments, regulatory compliance, gap analysis, policy review, and more. Customize, standardize and automate the services provided to clients in pre engagement, onsite, and post engagement.

A Supplier Security Risk Assessment Platform

SupplierWatch is a security risk assessment and management platform that can be utilized to reduce exposure to liability, manage third-party risk, monitor and manage your supply chain, ensure high business continuity, and track continuous improvement. Use it to identify, eliminate, and prevent problems in your suppliers processes, management, or products.

A Vendor Security Risk Assessment Platform

VendorWatch is a security risk assessment and management platform that can be utilized for identifying security gaps and risks with vendors and addressing them. Reduce exposure to liability, manage third-party risk, and monitor and rank vendors. Keep track of a vendor’s compliance efforts to ensure expectations are being met. Archive contracts, manage compliance evaluations, manage contract reviews, and rate vendors objectively.

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