Risk Management Software for Financial Services

Industry Challenges

Companies such as banks, credit unions, accountancy’s, consumer-finance companies and stock brokerages are faced with the constant battle of cyber risk and regulatory risk. Meeting regulatory compliance/industry standards with FFIEC, NCUA, CFPB, GDPR and other enforced regulations/standards and preventing data breaches are some of the major challenges that the financial services industry deals with in order to provide a safe user experience for their customers.

Our Solution

SecureWatch, our risk assessment solution, is used as a risk management software for financial professionals who are looking to improve in each area without adding additional staff or resources. Rest assured you will meet compliance with all necessary standards and minimize the chance of a cyber attack occurring when you use SecureWatch.

You can tell RiskWatch has experience and expertise in risk management by looking at how SecureWatch is put together. The system combines ERM and compliance in a way both can be performed at the most efficient way possible. Its automation combines well with the maturity of data available in most of our assessment programs.

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Key Benifits

Additional Benifits

Can You Afford Non-compliance?

Financial Services industry call out
Irelands Central Bank fined Wells Fargo almost $6.5 million for five breaches that occurred between 2014 and 2019, which included issues with documentation and procedures and failure to comply with regulatory requirements. Noted systemic failings within the organization included weaknesses in IT systems and inadequate review by internal audits. This marks the second-largest fine issued by Ireland’s Central Bank. For more information, click here.

Product Overview

A Compliance Assessment and Management Platform

ComplianceWatch is a compliance audit and management platform that can be utilized by various industries for measuring compliance to any regulation, standard, or policy. Reduce exposure to liability, maintain public credibility, ensure adherence to best practices, track policy compliance, and track continuous improvement.

An Intelligent Physical Security Risk Assessment Platform

SecureWatch is a state of the art security and risk assessment platform that can be utilized for facility compliance and security risk assessments. Reduce exposure to liability, manage risk, monitor and maintain security, and track continuous improvement.

An Information Security Risk Management Platform

CyberWatch is a modern assessment solution that can be utilized by various industries for cybersecurity and compliance risk assessments. The software enables you to reduce exposure to liability, manage risk, monitor and maintain cybersecurity, and track continuous improvement.

A Client Security and Compliance Risk Assessment Platform

ClientWatch can be utilized to manage client engagements in security audits, risk assessments, regulatory compliance, gap analysis, policy review, and more. Customize, standardize and automate the services provided to clients in pre-engagement, onsite, and post engagement.

A Supplier Security Risk Assessment Platform

SupplierWatch is a security risk assessment and management platform that can be utilized to reduce exposure to liability, manage third-party risk, monitor and manage your supply chain, ensure high business continuity, and track continuous improvement. Use it to identify, eliminate, and prevent problems in your suppliers processes, management, or products.

A Vendor Security Risk Assessment Platform

VendorWatch is a security risk assessment and management platform that can be utilized for identifying security gaps and risks with vendors and addressing them. Reduce exposure to liability, manage third-party risk, and monitor and rank vendors. Keep track of a vendor’s compliance efforts to ensure expectations are being met. Archive contracts, manage compliance evaluations, manage contract reviews, and rate vendors objectively.

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