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The Challenge

Physical security assessments involve ensuring that physical security measures are effective, meet industry standards, and comply with applicable regulations. Protecting your assets, preventing costly penalties, and maintaining your reputation are major challenges for all involved.

The Solution

SecureWatch is a dynamic and customizable solution that allows organizations to customize their assessment criteria and metrics to standardize and perform their Physical Security Assessments.

The platform provides off the shelf questionnaires/checklists, predefined metrics, and sources of crime and incident data to assist in objective risk analysis. Dashboards and reports automatically generate with your data as you’ve organized it.

Our subject matter experts can help you configure, test, train and deploy SecureWatch.

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Key Benefits:

  • Provides pre-loaded standards, security plan and audit-ready reports that will help you meet various regulations and industry standards.

  • Risk View allows the user to provide auditable evidence for 3rd Party reviews and Auditors.

  • 70% time savings when assessments are conducted using the data registers.

  • 80% time savings when assessments were conducted using previous assessments performed in SecureWatch and compared to a manual assessment process.

  • Achieve significant security improvements by assessing facilities and service territories in a solution built around existing regulations and industry standards.

Additional Benefits:

  • High Risk facilities are prioritized and scheduled for an on-site detailed risk assessment.

  • Data registers and third-party data providers can be used to populate new assessments with standard sets of data and determine the likelihood of an incident objectively.

  • Increase visibility and transparency with facilities, enabling more insightful decisions—decisions driven not just by price, but guided by an understanding of the potential risk and vulnerability that a “High Risk/Critical” facility poses.

  • Communicate the status of facility security to business stakeholders using a unique security risk rating for each facility.

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