RiskWatch Introduction

Thank you for taking the time to read about RiskWatch! Every so often, for the sake of clarity, we like to post a recap of who we are and the products we offer. Since 1993 we’ve been in the business of reducing risk for a wide multitude of industries. We listen closely to our customers and have continued to develop our software with user feedback at the forefront of our development, making us a leader in the risk management industry.

Product Introduction

RiskWatch offers a total of 6 products, offered in the form of different platform versions. Each RiskWatch platform offers users the ability to manage risk, security, and compliance in a single location. These platforms allow current employees to meet all expectations regarding risk, security, and compliance management, eliminating the need to hire expensive outside assistance. These platforms streamline and automate the entire management process, reducing time commitments by an average of 74% compared to a manual process. All of our platforms utilize a lean process workflow, which allows the user to centrally collect data, analyze data, mitigate risks, track progress, report on data collected, and more. Key areas of automation include communication, data collection, data analysis, and reporting. These are web-based solutions that permit access anywhere, on any browser-enabled device. Even without internet connectivity!

There is often slight confusion regarding the differences between our platforms. That difference is on the focus of your assessments, which alters the terminology used by the software. All RiskWatch platforms operate the same, and customizations can be made through settings. Simply stated, you don’t need to worry about selecting the wrong platform – each version will suit your needs. We are happy to offer a recommendation prior to purchasing. We simply separate these focuses for customer convenience, reducing the effort needed to get started


SecureWatch is our risk assessment platform geared towards physical security management. The terminology will convey that it is used primarily to assess facilities and assets for risks and security gaps. Utilize physical security-focused content libraries such as ASIS, FEMA, C-TPAT, CIP 014, and more!


CyberWatch is our cybersecurity-centered platform geared towards cyber asset management. The terminology will convey that it is used primarily to assess cybersecurity. Utilize cybersecurity-focused content libraries such as NIST 800, ISO 27001, COBIT, CSA critical controls, and more!


ComplianceWatch is our compliance-centered platform, used for audit preparations and addressing regulatory and internal compliance requirements. Utilize any of our provided content libraries that you want to check compliance against, such as industry standards, local laws, or regulations. You can also use any custom content such as company policies


VendorWatch is our vendor-centered platform, focused on communication with vendors and collecting evidence of security policies, programs, security controls, and more. This platform is focused on helping you perform due-diligence in selecting vendors and ensuring that those selected vendors maintain an appropriate level of risk as stipulated in contract agreements.


SupplierWatch is our supplier-centered platform, focused on communication with suppliers and collecting evidence of security policies, programs, security controls, and more. This platform is focused on Identifying high-risk suppliers, testing their security controls, and assisting them in closing security gaps.


ClientWatch is our client-centered platform, focused on managing multiple organizations’ security standing on a single screen. Perfectly designed for consultants, allowing you to manage all customers within a single platform.

Primary Process Overview

There are a plethora of features and time-saving functions within each platform, however, the primary assessment process provides the bulkRisk management process of the user benefit. To begin, users will create an assessment for one or more assets and select the framework that assessment will address, often security controls or internal policy practices. Smart emails will introduce staff to the assessment process and send automated emails to administrators showing assessment progress. This avoids the need to train users, keeping learning limited to administrators.

Next, users will determine the assessed risk based on customizable scales and metrics for asset value, likelihood, impact, or data from our third-party data providers. This data is scored automatically, so once it is set it is consistent across all assessments and immediately updated on all charts and reports.

The system automatically identifies security gaps for each asset, allowing users to evaluate and create you’re their own recommendations or approve mitigation tasks suggested by the system. Assign those tasks to security personnel to close security gaps and improve facility risk scores.

All of this information is accessible from the dashboard. Users can also automatically generate customizable, C-level reports for any of the data collected in the platform. This includes analysis, timeline comparisons, compliance percentages, and more.

Product Trials

We are confident that using our software will be the best method of conveying all the potential benefits to your organization. As such, we offer trials that last a full year! During this time, you can perform three full assessments on any area you choose – you have access to our 50+ content libraries full of subject matter expertise.

To schedule a personalized demo and learn more about our software, please schedule a meeting here: https://calendly.com/rwi2/30min

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