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The Challenge

Working with a third party has a lot of risks. Miscommunication errors, unreliable service delivery, a poor reputation and failure to comply are a few of the major supplier risks an organization is looking at when using a third party to supply its goods or services, but the perhaps the biggest risk with third parties is supplier performance.

Our Solution

SecureWatch, our assessment solution, is primarily used as a risk management software for assessing and managing risk and compliance. It can help you address and improve in each necessary area without adding additional staff or resources. SecureWatch can assist you in managing all of your third parties, ensuring that they reliably deliver critical products and services, meet all contractual obligations, and do not introduce unacceptable upstream risk from inadequate security or regulatory compliance.

SecureWatch integrates Enterprise Security, Risk and Compliance so we can assess and communicate as one.

Security Operations, Corporate Security, AVANGRID

Key Benefits:

  • A single view of risk across your entire 3rd party landscape with individual risk scores for each supplier.

  • Actively monitor trends to anticipate and address potential issues and proactively prepare contingency plans.

  • Understanding the risks and their potential impact and communicating them to the decision makers.

  • Centralized repository for contracts, agreements, certifications, audit results, etc.

Additional Benefits:

  • Dashboards and automated reports for executive management and board-level oversight.

  • Helping map needs against available resources.

  • Ensure your partners are compliant with state and federal regulations, relevant industry standards, guidelines and best practices.

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Reduce exposure to liability. Manage risk. Monitor and maintain security. Track continuous improvement.

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