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Last month, we made an exciting announcement to our email subscribers. Now we want to expand more on that and share it with our blog subscribers too. RiskWatch is adopting a new delivery method for its software, and it’s called Software as a Service (SaaS).

What is SaaS? 

Simply put, SaaS is a way to deliver your software via the web. A big difference between traditional software delivery and SaaS is the convenience of SaaS. The model requires no additional hardware to be installed, everything is conveniently and securely hosted on the cloud. As well as the delivery method, the pricing model appeals by allowing users to spread out costs by offering monthly or yearly subscriptions, instead of requiring a large all-at-once sum upfront. SaaS has a variety of pros that can be tailored to the company that is offering it.

More on the Benefits

When SaaS is fully implemented at RiskWatch, you can expect to get:

  • Scalable usage: Rather than being locked into specific features, you will be able to adjust the level of your access and benefits at any time.
  • Automatic updates: The hassling process of updating your software no longer exists. Our SaaS solution will automatically update your program with the latest editions.
  • Affordable pricing: With its subscription ability, SaaS will allow us to offer you month-to-month subscription payments instead of charging you a large sum upfront. Any addons that you select to purchase, such as content, data, additional users, etc. will be included in the subscription price. This alleviates the concern of unnecessary spending and allows businesses to spread expenses evenly.
  • Time and simplicity: Since the only material you will need is an internet connection, you will save ample time in installation, maintenance, training, and upgrading.SaaS Benefits: money sign, scale, clock


Soon! As we complete the transition of moving to a SaaS solution and work out the kinks, we ask that you remain patient with us. Although we can’t offer you an official date of when our new delivery method will be available, we can say that you can expect to start seeing the change in the near future! Are you as excited as we are?


We have released our SaaS version of all six of our products, now available for free via the homepage and each product page. To gain instant access, enter your email address here: https://www.riskwatch.com/



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