What is it?

ISO 27001 is an international standard that provides a process for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). An ISMS is a framework containing policies and procedures for an organization to follow throughout its information risk management process. Following the process will ensure that any company’s stored information is safe.

Who does it Apply to?

The standard applies to any functioning business, whether big or small, regardless of the industry. However, industries such as banking, financial, health, public, information technology and any others that hold large amounts of confidential information should take higher precautions towards protecting information by incorporating a thorough information risk management process.

What does it do?

ISO 27001 allows organizations that store information to carefully manage and secure the information that is being stored for clients and other stakeholders. It does this by providing, establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring and improving the ISMS that’s in place by containing a framework of controls that allow companies to stay on track with their information risk management process.

How will it Help You?

Following ISO 27001 can help a business:

  • Secure confidential information.
  • Safely exchange information.
  • Comply with other regulations such as SOX.
  • Avoid information risk exposure.
  • Protect the company and its assets.

How can We Help You?

Our platform can communicate and push the client, a third party or an internal resource through a standardized assessment process and criteria without any training to capture assessment data. More specifically, RiskWatch risk assessment software can help your organization implement ISO 27001 in these ways:

  1. Provides an assessment workflow, content and report for the ISO 27001 standard.
  2. Capturing responses, artifacts, and evidence for ISO 27001 controls.
  3. Identifying gaps and supporting the remediation function.
  4. Automatically build reports that educate others and prove compliance.
  5. Supporting execution of action plans and task tracking to improve compliance.
  6. Creates data repository for third party review/certification.
  7. Trending analysis capabilities reuse data gathered over time and visualize your company’s ISO 27001 compliance improvement each year.

Due to the increasing turn in technology and cyber hacking, it is becoming more imperative to protect private data. ISO 27001 can help resolve the risk of a data leak if complied with properly. Are you compliant? Our experts can help you find out.  

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