Risk Management in Banking

Risk Management in Banking December 9, 2020 Financial Services | Risk Management | Riskwatch Blog Risk management in banking has largely been focused on compliance with regulations and standards in recent times. This practice primarily stems from the regulations and culture that emerged during the global financial crisis that took place around 2007. The aftermath […]

Risks Every Real Estate Business Should Guard Against

Risks Every Real Estate Business Should Guard Against January 24, 2022 Risk Management | Riskwatch Blog While there are many great opportunities provided for real estate businesses, there are also certain risks that should be protected against. A real estate business depends entirely on its agents and its clients, so if there are any issues […]

RiskWatch Product Breakdown

RiskWatch Product Breakdown October 19, 2021 Risk Management | RiskWatch Blog RiskWatch Introduction Thank you for taking the time to read about RiskWatch! Every so often, for the sake of clarity, we like to post a recap of who we are and the products we offer. Since 1993 we’ve been in the business of reducing […]

Risk Management Software

Risk Management Software August 24, 2021 Risk Management | Riskwatch Blog What is Risk Management Software? Risk management software is a necessary tool that aids companies in preventing or managing a variety of risks. These risks include, but are not limited to, financial risk, physical security risk, cyber risk, compliance risk, operations risk, third-party risk, […]

Outsourcing Risk Management

Outsourcing Risk Management June 17, 2021 Compliance | Risk Assessment | Risk Management | Riskwatch Blog Outsourcing is a business practice of hiring a third party to perform services or create goods that otherwise could be performed in-house by the company’s existing staff. This applies to a wide range of industries and use cases. Examples […]

Developing an Action Plan for Cyber-Physical Systems

Developing an Action Plan for Cyber-Physical Systems March 24, 2021 Design | Risk Assessment & Compliance | Risk Management | Riskwatch Blog Developing an action plan for cyber-physical systems is an integral part of a complete risk management program that continues to grow in importance. According to Gartner, “By 2023, 75% of organizations will restructure […]

Operational Risks

Operational Risks March 5, 2021 Risk Management | Riskwatch Blog What is Operational Risk? Operational risk, as defined by the Risk Management Association, is the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people, and systems, or from external events, but is better viewed as the risk arising from the execution of an […]

Data Center Physical Security

Data Center Physical Security January 28, 2021 Facilities Security | Physical Security | Risk Management | Riskwatch Blog A data center is a location that contains business-critical applications and information, and has components that IT needs to store and manage them. Within one of these centers you would find computing and networking equipment, as well […]

Eco-Friendly Risk Management Practices

Eco-Friendly Risk Management Practices January 7, 2021 Compliance | Design | Risk Management | Riskwatch Blog How can we make eco-friendly business decisions that also benefit risk management goals? This is a question a lot of companies are asking lately, for several reasons. Many companies feel a responsibility to minimize their contribution to global warming; […]

Performing Vendor Assessments

Performing Vendor Assessments October 14, 2020 Risk Assessment & Compliance | Risk Management | RiskWatch Blog | Third Party Risks Vendor Risk Assessments It’s important to assess vendors to accurately determine the risks of doing business with your third-party partners. At the minimum, most businesses will assess their vendors on an annual basis.  In a 2018 […]