Third Party Management Top Risks

Top Risks in Third Party Management When you observe a business ecosystem, it’s important to note that it’s dynamic and constantly changing as it interacts with outside elements, such as a third party. These vary from distributors, vendors, suppliers, agencies, etcetera. If your business is going to flourish, [...]

Top 5 Risks Facing Manufacturers

Top 5 Risks in Manufacturing When risks aren’t managed correctly, we often see the negative results plastered on the news and across social media. Delays, breaches, and quality issues are all prevalent in the manufacturing industry today. The key to preventing these issues in your organization is being [...]

How to Prepare for a Security Audit

The Unnecessary Torture of Security Audits From financial services to healthcare, nearly every industry gets audited for security, and no one looks forward to it. Just the thought of getting audited can generate chaos, stress and headaches to those involved. But what if I told you, it doesn’t have [...]

What RiskWatch Accomplished in 2017

What’s changed at RiskWatch this year? We’ve overhauled the entire application with a new, easy-to-use interface while simplifying and improving the process for performing assessments. Our new dashboard showcases and empowers you to perform comparative analytics using detailed graphics and reports. What are the results of these changes? SecureWatch [...]

NERC Files for Approval of Physical Security Standard

In wake of the April 2013 attack on PG&E’s Metcalf substation in San Jose, California, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued an order directing the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) to develop a physical security standard requiring transmission owners to identify risks posed by physical security threats [...]

Risk Management: Third-Party Breach Impact & Preparedness

Michaels craft stores. TRICARE. Global Payments Inc. These are among the most recent and prominent examples of third-party data breaches that adversely impacted financial institutions, healthcare providers and other affiliated entities. How prepared is your organization to respond to a third-party breach - not just the hard costs of [...]

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Healthcare Anti-Fraud Coalition Formed

Public-Private Partnership Focuses On Prevention The Obama administration has launched a new public-private collaborative effort to help prevent healthcare insurance fraud. The voluntary group includes healthcare organizations and associations, health insurers, federal and state agencies, and anti-fraud groups that together aim to combat healthcare fraud through the sharing of [...]