What’s changed at RiskWatch this year?

We’ve overhauled the entire application with a new, easy-to-use interface while simplifying and improving the process for performing assessments. Our new dashboard showcases and empowers you to perform comparative analytics using detailed graphics and reports.

What are the results of these changes? 

SecureWatch can be used for small organizations with just a few assessments or expanded for major initiatives with partners like Oracle, TE Connectivity, FirstEnergy and SeaWorld to:

  • Set metrics in their risk models automatically based on objective data
  • Ensure they address the latest threats
  • Meet regulatory requirements – without adding staff
  • Complete ALL of the assessments required, within the timeframe allotted

Where you’ve offered recommendations previously, you can now automatically create tasks for new assessments, significantly reducing the time required for remediation. You can objectively determine the likelihood of an incident using criminal and incident data trends from our partners. Combined with our updated threat scenario register (assets, threats and vulnerability relationships) you can reduce the time to identify risks by 20%. Overall, we were able to reduce the time and effort required to complete their risk assessments by 74% and not only captured but supplemented their knowledge base.

For customers who wanted to focus on standardization, we worked to develop, test, and deploy new models of analysis, reporting, and remediation for visibility and management of risk assessment data. We used SecureWatch to help them analyze data automatically, assist users at all levels in understanding the data gathered, and enable visualization of data to improve communication of risk and decision making, making performing assessments that much easier.

RiskWatch has made a lot of exciting changes to improve our software in 2017, but we are not finished yet. We are looking forward to improving our customer’s experience even more in the coming year, so stay tuned for the latest updates and keep performing assessments!

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