New regulations and threats to businesses, combined with new user habits have led to more tailored SaaS solutions from the 20-Year risk assessment solutions provider.

Sarasota, FL, June 6th, 2013 – RiskWatch International, LLC., today announced the addition of 4 new product lines to their risk assessment and management offerings. The addition of these products represents a significant expansion of RiskWatch’s product portfolio and enables RiskWatch to provide greater value to existing clients and to appeal to new client types. All RiskWatch International offerings are now provided in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

RiskWatch’s new products are:

RiskWatch 360 – an agile, efficient, and effective integrated risk and compliance assessment solution. RiskWatch 360, formerly called RiskMaster, has been renamed to reflect growth within the product’s capabilities and to align with new products being released. This solution:

  • Helps organizations easily define risks, controls, and other requirements for risk and compliance assessments
  • Centralizes assessment activities including: assessment building, hosting, management, analysis, and reporting for all risk and compliance assessments across a business
  • Offers a customizable solution that allows clients to adapt existing assessment content libraries to fit their specific risk and compliance assessment needs
  • Automates risk and compliance assessment data reconciliation, analysis, and report generation
  • Provides greater accountability in risk assessments via audit trails that document all activities performed within the system
  • Provides clear ROI analysis on risk and mitigation efforts for more informed decision making

ComplianceWatch – a software solution specifically designed to perform compliance assessments. ComplianceWatch’s agility and ease of use is a perfect fit for organizations whose needs focus on determining their level of compliance to regulatory standards. This solution, delivered in a SaaS model offers many of the benefits of the RiskWatch 360 platform but with a focus on assessing an organization’s level of compliance.

Integrity 360 – a 3rd party ecosystem risk management solution. Integrity 360 helps organizations’ business managers conduct systematic and continuous due diligence assessments of 3rd party organizations at any point(s) along their network of suppliers, partners, subsidiaries or affiliates. By assessing third-party compliance to the managing organization’s standards, Integrity 360 provides clear and valuable oversight information that can be used to manage and mitigate third-party-based risks.

SecureWatch – a specialized software solution for physical security threat assessments. SecureWatch was developed by physical security professionals with security professionals in mind. This solution is designed to be used by qualified security professionals for performing large scale physical security threat risk assessments. SecureWatch is mobile friendly and can be carried via internet-connected tablet throughout any facility to be used in the actual physical assessment itself. SecureWatch automates the identification of threats, survey distribution/collection, risk analysis and reporting processes using the Threat/Vulnerability Matrix methodology.

IncidentWatch – an incident-reporting system designed to provide highly secure, multi-property, multi-departmental solutions for a broad range of transactions required by security, surveillance and risk management departments. IncidentWatch increases the speed of response, eliminates handwritten reports, and provides simultaneous notification to all who need to be made aware of an incident.

IncidentWatch enables reporting of incidents from any cell phone at any location in the world. With little-to-no additional equipment required, automated notification capabilities, and detailed reporting available over the web, IncidentWatch is a perfect-fit incident reporting and management solution for hospitals, campuses, government, retail, or other organizations with multiple or remotely located facilities.

Continuing RiskWatch’s tradition of providing industry agnostic solutions, these new product lines serve a wide variety of organization types including: government, energy & utility providers, hospitals & health care providers, financial institutions, retail environments, and more.

“Our customer’s risk and compliance needs have changed; we felt that we could serve their current needs even more effectively by enhancing and expanding the software solutions that we provide. Rebranding Riskwatch was a means for us to demonstrate our renewed vision, strategy, and commitment to help our clients to know their risk, to manage it well, and to stay compliant” said, Asim Chauhan, CEO, RiskWatch International LLC.

About RiskWatch

Risk Watch International provides state-of-the-art risk assessment and management solutions that enable organizations to easily perform risk-based assessments and incorporate metrics into security and compliance intelligence for more informed decision making.

Since 1993 RiskWatch has been a global leader in providing risk assessment solutions. RiskWatch believes that you can’t manage security and compliance risk effectively if you can’t measure it. We strive to be, and remain; a company that makes the world a better place by making it more secure.

We are committed to exceptional customer service and to providing software products and services that are easy to use, affordable and offer exceptional value to our clients.

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