Fortune 100 Risk Assessment

Fortune 500 Company Conducts Ground-breaking Risk Assessment Across the Organization.

One of the Fortune 500, a global electronics manufacturer with over 120,000 employees needed to quickly develop a global view of how their Information Security standards were implemented across the entire organization.
This analysis was critical to establish the budget for the IT program, because of the worldwide economic contraction and the forecasted increase in both white collar crime and potential identity theft concerns. A 2009 report done by McAfee (see sidebar), pointed out possible concerns over potential data
The company selected a hosted Risk Watch solution to use to do a company-wide compliance review. Over one hundred and fifty questions were selected from a published international standard and the employees were divided into groups by their business units.
The questionnaires were distributed electronically over the web and each group was analyzed both separately, and then
compared to a company average for each business unit. The business units were also compared to each other, creating an each category, as well as against each business unit.

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