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The construction industry is filled with many risks such as managing employee safety, understanding contract requirements, selecting contractors, choosing material suppliers, meeting compliance, and a myriad of other issues. Risk management is a necessary component of keeping a construction firm safe and thriving. To stay profitable, companies need to avoid project delays and a construction risk management solution like RiskWatch will ensure they’re prepared

Our Solution

Our risk assessment platform is designed to meet all the needs of construction companies. Easily assess physical security, cybersecurity, compliance with regulations and policies, and even your suppliers. RiskWatch makes it easy for construction firms to meet OSHA, CSI, BSSC, or any other requirements to mature your risk management program. Save time requesting, analyzing, remediating, and reporting on your data, which allows staff to focus more on reducing risk and meeting compliance. Store all contract documents and permits in a central location.

You can tell RiskWatch has experience and expertise in risk management by looking at how SecureWatch is put together. The system combines ERM and compliance in a way both can be performed at the most efficient way possible. Its automation combines well with the maturity of data available in most of our assessment programs.

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Can You Afford Non-compliance?

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In June 2019, Purvis Home Improvement Co. was fined $1.7 million by OSHA for 17 site violations. The company’s negligence contributed to the death of an employee in 2018. Violations included working without fall protection, scaffolding too close to power lines, and ladders of insufficient height. The family of the deceased claimed the employer discouraged the use of safety gear, a clear OSHA violation. For more information, click here.

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