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Say goodbye to manual, complex regulatory compliance management. Our platform simplifies and streamlines the assessment process and the steps needed to meet compliance, trusted by organizations worldwide. Choose from custom criteria or leverage our extensive library of over 40 regulatory standards. If you’re still conducting assessments manually, it’s time to experience the RiskWatch difference.

RiskWatch Compliance Management Software
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Reduction in compliance assessment time


Reduction in compliance


Increase in efficiency with predefined workflows

Key Features of our Compliance Management Platform

compliance automation
Compliance Automation

Automate workflows, streamline compliance tasks, and assign and track tasks

compliance frameworks
Pre-built Content Libraries

Access a library of 40+ pre-built frameworks and assessments aligned with standards, saving time and effort in compliance efforts.

centralized platform for compliance
Document Storage

Centralized platform for all your risk-related documents, ensuring they are always at your fingertips when you need them

accurate and scalable grc
Accuracy and Scalability

Minimizes human errors and handles large volumes of data.  This ensures your risk management efforts remain effective as your organization expands.


Work together with your team seamlessly, share insights, and make collective decisions to manage risks effectively

compliance assessment reports
Report Generation

Generate detailed and customized reports, providing a comprehensive view of your risk profile and compliance status

Ready to get started and automate your compliance process?

RiskWatch platform is easy to use, free to try, and can be customized to fit your business needs.

How It Works

Create Assessment

Create an assessment for one or more cyber assets and select the control framework to be addressed.

Understand the Risks

Determine the assessed risk based on customizable scales and metrics for asset value, likelihood, impact automatically.

Identify Security Gaps

Automatically gather asset control testing results from personnel, identify vulerabilities and offer recommendations.

Assign Tasks

Assign tasks to address vulnerabilities and improve asset risk scores.

Generate Reports and Dashboards

Analyze and report on high risk assets, common vulnerabilities, remediation efforts, and schedules – all on our dashboard. Generate custom reports across your entire organization down to single business units or departments.

Achieve your Compliance Goals with RiskWatch

Automated Compliance Management

Automated Assessments

Streamlined Risk Assessments

RiskWatch enables customers to complete risk assessments on the go using any browser-enabled device, even when you do not have a reliable internet connection. This ensures that data stays within a centralized location, eliminating the need to copy data manually and therefore reducing human error.

Risk Scoring

Accurate Security Risk Scoring

RiskWatch partners with third-party data companies to give accurate risk scoring per facility, based not only on your security assessment but also on crime data for the surrounding area as well. Data registers and third-party data providers can be used to populate new assessments with standard sets of data and determine the likelihood of an incident objectively.

Pre-built Content Libraries for Compliance Automation
Streamlined Security Risk Assessments

Automated Analysis

Automated Risk and Compliance Analysis

RiskWatch software streamlines the Compliance assessment automation, using our intelligent analysis methodology to collect all relevant security data and highlighting any security gaps. Automated analysis aims to improve security positioning without the need to manually compare site data and risk scoring prioritizes projects, allowing you to manage security without getting stuck in the weeds.

Risk Remediation

Suggested Remediation

The RiskWatch platform offers suggested remediation to instances of non-compliance to our content libraries. As assessment information is collected, the platform determines if action should be taken to meet compliance. These can be shown to administrators for review or directly to team members for action.

Automated Compliance Management
Pre-built Content Libraries for Compliance Automation

Advanced Reporting

Automated Reporting

RiskWatch enables customers to standardize and automate reporting functions directly within the platform for compliance management. Several report templates are included by default, with the added option to create custom templates. Templates can be saved to meet data and visual preferences. With the correct templates saved, generate any report with a single click.


We offer flexible pricing options to cater to businesses of all sizes.

Supported Compliance Frameworks

RiskWatch supports over 40 regulatory compliance frameworks for risk, compliance, security, and quality management. Our platform aligns with industry standards, ensuring comprehensive risk assessments.

NIST 800-171

NIST 800-53

NIST 800-66


IRS 1075

Active Shooter

Business Continuity




COBIT 2019

NFPA 160




Project Risk

Vendor Risk

New York Shield Act

New York DFS


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Compliance management software is a crucial software for organizations to effectively handle their regulatory obligations, monitor adherence to policies, and manage risks.

It is a state of the art security and risk assessment platform that can be utilized for performing compliance and security risk assessments. Reduce exposure to liability, manage risk, monitor and maintain security, and track continuous improvement.

Compliance risk assessment involves identifying and evaluating risks related to regulatory compliance. Prioritize major risks, implement mitigation strategies, and continuously monitor controls.
Here are the steps to perform assessments:
1. Sign in to RiskWatch Platform or Get the RiskWatch Free Trial
2. Create and Complete the Assessment
3. Understand the Risks
4. Identify Security Gaps
5. Assign Tasks
6. Generate Reports

Your level of support depends on the package you purchased with your product (Essentials, Standard, or Enterprise). Click here to see our support levels

No. Our platforms are browser-based and can be used on any device that has a web browser and internet connection.

Get started quickly and easily- we set up and host your software site for you. No servers, no storage, no maintenance.

Additional Licenses, Standards, and Service can be added to Standard and Enterprise Subscriptions.

Platforms are licensed by the number of active users on a monthly or annual basis. Click here for a closer look at our pricing structure.

No. Your software will automatically update to the latest versions for no additional charge.

We provide an iOS and Android app that can be used to perform assessments offline.

Ready to get started and automate your compliance process?

RiskWatch platform is easy to use, free to try, and can be customized to fit your business needs.

The RiskWatch Advantage

global leader in risk and compliance management

Global Leadership

RiskWatch has been a global leader in the risk and security software industry since 1993

prebuilt compliance frameworks

Prebuilt Content Libraries

We offer over 40 prebuilt content libraries that contain industry standards and regulations

up to date Compliance Framework

Keep Up with Regulatory Changes

Our Updated Compliance Framework Keeps You Meeting Standards. Trust RiskWatch for robust solutions, and achieve peace of mind.

user friendly compliance platform

Seamless User Experience

Designed with intuitive navigation and straightforward functionality, it enables users to harness its full potential with minimal training, streamlining your compliance and risk management processes from day one