Risk Consulting Services

Experienced, Practical, Affordable.
Compliance investigations can be painful when preparations are not made. Will you be ready, if faced with one today? Our risk consulting services will help identify and evaluate the risks and vulnerabilities your company may be facing now. Using our risk consulting services will allow your personnel to focus their time and attention on growing the business and serving your customers. Experienced, Practical, Affordable.

How Does it Work?

In 1993, RiskWatch began developing specialized, easy-to-use risk, security, and compliance assessment software. It helps businesses visualize data gathered across their entire enterprise by identifying threats, measuring vulnerabilities, and calculating risk scores for each area, making it seamless to identify high-risk areas and recognize potential areas for improvement.  Our platform can be utilized by consultants to meet the needs of their clients, no matter their industry.

RiskWatch software is used all over the world to assess physical security, information security, third parties, and compliance to any regulation or standard. The software was developed in accordance with federal guidelines and a variety of US Federal agencies, such as Veteran Affairs, the Department of Justice, The US Department of Defense, and the National Security Agency.

We work with you to provide extra services to your client, and make your job easier by automating your processes in data collection, communication, data analysis, and reporting. Your platform will be whitelabeled so any reports or charts shown to clients will represent your brand. Of course, all data is confidetial. Read more about security here.

Pricing must be discussed with a sales representative at this time. We will give you a discount so that you make a profit on each license your client purchases. For a general idea of pricing, head over to our pricing page here.

Interested in Working With Us?

Risk Assessment

(Physical and IT)

We can perform on-site and remote risk assessments of any scope within your organization. The assessment can cover the organization as a whole, individual facilities, or even something as focused as a department, project, or process.



We help businesses of all sizes. RiskWatch has compliance programs that are tailored to your industry and your specific needs.

Penetration Testing

We can simulate an attack on your organization to help you discover your weaknesses and provide guidance to assist you in strengthening your security posture.


Schedule a call with a certified consultant

Start identifying security risks, non-compliance and vulnerabilities with our white glove consulting services. Schedule a call with a certified consultant to better understand how we leverage our technology and experience to provide your company with a quality service.

RiskWatch Partnerships

At RiskWatch, we believe that forming successful partnerships plays a key role in the development, delivery, and continued success of our compliance and risk management services. That’s why RiskWatch strives to promote a collaborative ecosystem of technology providers, consultants, resellers, and distributors in order to deliver the best security and  risk management solutions worldwide.

RiskWatch only partners with service providers that offer solutions of the highest quality and complement our products and company values.