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The Challenge

Regulatory compliance assessments involve the assurance of meeting regulatory requirements and audit preparation. Regulatory Compliance is not optional and not meeting it is the most common risk that organizations today face.

The Solution

ComplianceWatch is an easy-to-use compliance assessment tool that helps you meet regulatory requirements, prepare for audits, identify vulnerabilities and manage your mitigation plan. Perfect for companies that need to understand their risk for non-compliance to regulatory requirements.

The system combines ERM and compliance in a way both can be performed at the most efficient way possible. Its automation combines well with the maturity of data available in most of our assessment programs.


Key Benefits:

  • A recognized methodology for conducting & reporting on compliance assessment.

  • Reduces the burden of managing and reconciling compliance assessment documents and spreadsheets while eliminating transcription errors.

  • Deploys and tracks surveys in real-time.

  • A top down and bottom-up view of organizational compliance.

Additional Benefits:

  • Generates reports that are fully customizable by the end user.

  • Clearly identifies vulnerabilities and assists in mitigation.

  • Tracks and helps manage your mitigation program.

  • A zero-footprint web-based technology requiring no additional hardware/software.

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Prepare for audits. Meet regulatory obligations. Identify vulnerabilities. Manage your mitigation plan.

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