HITECH Stage 2: How to Prepare

Federal Privacy Officer Offers Insights What's the best way to prepare to comply with HITECH Stage 2 privacy and security requirements? Federal privacy officer Joy Pritts advises healthcare organizations to start by conducting a thorough risk assessment. A risk assessment helps hospitals and physicians "identify potential areas of their [...]

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Selling Records for Profit Alleged

Hospital Staffer Targeted Accident Victims' Records, FBI Says A former staff member at Florida Hospital Celebration was arrested last week for allegedly inappropriately accessing more than 760,000 electronic health records with the intent to disclose, transfer or sell certain information for personal gain. Dale Munroe, a former emergency department [...]

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Outlook on Risk & Security Compliance in 2012 – What to Expect.

This New Year’s Eve, I thought at times my neighbors were using a rocket launcher and several assault rifles to shoot up the New Year.  Lucky for me,  I spent the awake time to contemplate the outlook for risk, threat and security issues for 2012 and here’s what I [...]