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Reduce exposure to liability. Manage risk. Monitor and maintain security. Track continuous improvement.

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Video Overview

A short three-minute video demonstrating the various features and functionality of SecureWatch

Drill down into our maps, pie charts, bubble charts, bar graphs or other visual formats to better understand where risk is greatest.

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Visualize risk across the entire organization with a scorecard of risk

Prioritize risk based on impact in order to better focus resources

Dashboard provides both high-level visibility and drill-down capabilities to see your risk at a more granular level

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Implement a global action plan to track remediation

Support a business case for security expenditures

Quantified risk scores using up-to-date threat data from our partners

Automated data collection, analysis, and reporting

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Available Libraries:

GLBA Compliance    FFIEC    NCUA    CFPB    Supplement to Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment    SOX    HIPAA    NIST 800-66    HITECH   OCR Risk Analysis Final Rule    Omnibus   IAHSS 2009    FEMA 426    OSHA 3148    Joint Commission    California Health & Safety Code 1257.7    Center for Missing and Exploited Children    Pharmaceutical Security    Workplace Violence Prevention    Cash Handling & Processes    COBIT 5     ISO 27001     NIST 800-53     ISO 27001    PCI DSS     NFPA 1600     C-TPAT    Business Continuity    Vendor Risk    Project Risk    Wind Farm Security    AEO    Anti-Money Laundering    NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Adaptable to all industries

Comprehensive Survey Library

Key Features

Web based solution – Access anywhere, on any device.

Flexibility in customizing questions and mappings – Use the complete standards of NIST 800-53, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, FEMA, NFPA, etc, or create custom standards and
define what they affect.

Highly customizable Assessment Templates – Use a Global Register to create a standard­ized Assessment, or create one from a previously created Assessment.

Advanced analytics to show non-compliance – Measure the standards you have chosen across multiple areas of the enterprise, while filtering information to determine compliance in key areas.

Dashboard and reporting capabilities – Our Gmap, Risk Profile and Heat Maps all have
“drill down” capabilities for custom reporting. Use the Comparative Analysis tool to generate highly customizable views of your data.

Remediation enables online collaboration – Take Remediation further with a Global Action Plan that incorporates mitigation strategies offered in any assessment to the implementation phase by allowing assignment.

Track mitigation progress and closure – Use any combination of filters to discover and act on implementation that is lacking in your organization or enterprise.

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Preliminary Assessment Selection in SecureWatch


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