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Get your free physical security assessment checklist- Our gift to you!

We’ve created this free physical security assessment checklist for you using the ASIS Facility Physical Security Control Standards. With 40 pages of content, our checklist is sure to assist you in your evaluation of your facility’s physical security. Simply print the checklist and walk your site as you complete all questions. Tally your results to calculate your compliance percentage and your risk score. To prepare a report, we’ve included an executive summary template in the checklist. Follow the steps below to receive your checklist.

As a reminder, offline assessments aren’t effective or enjoyable. Feel free to use this checklist as a reference, but consider using a free trial of our software to do a more complete and efficient practice assessment.

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Reduce exposure to liability. Manage risk. Monitor and maintain security. Track continuous improvement.

Prepare for audits. Meet regulatory compliance. Identify vulnerabilities. Manage your mitigation plan.

Evaluate cyber risk across multiple scopes. Build a register of risk for your assets. Reduce your chance of cyber attacks.

Free Physical Security Checklist Table of Contents