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Information Security Risk Management Solution

The Dashboard allows you to easily evaluate cyber risk across multiple scopes within your organization

Determine which high-risk scopes warrant additional assessment

Easily export the data gathered through your preliminary assessment to a detailed assessment in order to determine which assets are at most risk within the scope

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An image of a Survey Summary in CyberWatch software

Map threats and vulnerabilities to your assets to measure and prioritize risk areas within each scope

Evaluate the effectiveness of the controls currently in place

Compare residual risk of existing controls and proposed mitigation measures

Cyberwatch’s Threat Framework allows you to instantly build Threat Scenarios with inherent risk scores for every new asset that you add to the software.

Generate polished, customizable reports that:

  • Provide the reason and scope of the assessment, and the personnel involved
  • Analyze and rank risks, allowing you to
    • Prioritize management decisions concerning resources
    • Implement corrective and preventative action plans
  • Show what risks exceed your organization’s “Risk Appetite” and require mitigation to bring them to an acceptable level
  • List gaps in your security posture and their remedial recommendations
  • List vulnerabilities found during the assessment


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