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Risks Every Real Estate Business Should Guard Against

Risks Every Real Estate Business Should Guard Against January 24, 2022 Risk Management | Riskwatch Blog While there are many great opportunities provided for real estate businesses, there are also certain risks that should be protected against. A real estate business depends entirely on its agents and its clients, so if there are any issues […]

Denial of Service Attacks

Denial of Service Attacks January 10, 2022 Cyber Security | Riskwatch Blog What are Denial of Service Attacks? Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks are meant to shut down a network, making it inaccessible to intended users. Often, systems are shut down due to malicious traffic meant to overload and cause congestion. This creates a large […]

Man-in-the-Middle Attack

Man-in-the-Middle Attack January 7, 2022 Cyber Security | Riskwatch Blog What is a Man-in-the Middle Attack? A man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack is a type of cyberattack in which a cybercriminal secretly intercepts communication between two parties, therefore being “in the middle” of their messages. In this attack, the interceptor often will relay the messages to their […]

Fileless Malware Risk

Fileless Malware Risk January 5, 2022 Cyber Security | Riskwatch Blog What is Fileless Malware? Fileless malware is a type of malicious software that utilizes legitimate programs, rather than virus-laden files, to infect a host. These legitimate programs are used to execute malicious code in resident memory. Resident memory means stored in a computer’s random […]

Spear Phishing

Spear Phishing December 2, 2021 Corporate Security | Cyber Security | Riskwatch Blog What is Spear Phishing? Spear phishing is a means of electronic communication, most commonly via email, that is targeted to a specific individual or business in an attempt to steal private information from the party, such as login credentials or financial information. […]

Network Breach Awareness

Network Breach Awareness November 15, 2021 Riskwatch Blog A network breach, also referred to as network intrusion, refers to a cyberattack or unauthorized activity on your organization’s digital network. This breach typically jeopardizes network security and data. In today’s data-driven climate, a network breach has the potential for quick and severe consequences that affect millions […]

Awareness of Third-party Risks

Awareness of Third-party Risks November 12, 2021 Riskwatch Blog Third-party risk is quickly becoming a primary concern for many organizations as the utilization of outside resources continues to increase. These organizations are operating in a complex ecosystem that connects data and systems, increasing risk on many fronts. These third parties gain access to employee data, […]

RiskWatch Product Breakdown

RiskWatch Product Breakdown October 19, 2021 Risk Management | Riskwatch Blog RiskWatch Introduction Thank you for taking the time to read about RiskWatch! Every so often, for the sake of clarity, we like to post a recap of who we are and the products we offer. Since 1993 we’ve been in the business of reducing […]

California Oil Spill

California Oil Spill October 8, 2021 Managing the Risk Assessment | Natural Hazards | Oil & Gas | Riskwatch Blog Late last week on Friday, October 1st, a major oil spill occurred off the coast of Southern California. An estimated 126,000 gallons of oil had spread across 13 square miles of the Pacific Ocean, sending […]

What is GDPR?

What is GDPR? September 22, 2021 Compliance | Design | Riskwatch Blog GDPR Defined The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a data privacy and security law that was passed by the European Union back in 2018. It quickly made its reputation as one of the toughest laws for its scope and also for its […]