April is Workplace Violence Awareness Month

The American Association of Workplace Violence Prevention (www.aawvp.org) has designated April 2012 as official Workplace Violence Awareness Month! You can celebrate in your office by suggesting ways to reduce workplace violence in your own environment.  At AAWVP, they stress that workplace violence also happens to you, not just at [...]

Preview of the Webinar on Workplace Violence Prevention

Companies often don't think about preventing workplace violence until there is an incident that affects them, or a company similar to them, or geographically close.  As soon as something happens close to home, they want to get serious and do something about it right away. Workplace violence prevention is [...]

Man Wants to Commit Suicide at Hospital to Donate his Organs!

Suicidal Man Triggers an Evacuation in Denton, Texas. The emergency department at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital was evacuated after an armed man threatened to shoot himself in the hospital’s parking lot, as reported in a newspaper article. The man had sent suicidal messages to his ex-wife. She contacted police, [...]

17-year old imposter does CPR on patient in Kissimee, FL

Security measures in place are being questioned in Kissimmee, Florida at Osceola Regional Medical Center after clerk passes as a physicians assistant! Hospital security procedures, including staff screening practices at Osceola Regional Medical Center, are getting a second look after a 17-year-old passed himself off as a physician’s assistant [...]

Data-Driven Security – Using Metrics to Focus & Target Security Programs

Security programs can be dramatically improved by using a metrics-based assessment to focus them on the areas of greatest threat, and to use metrics as a management tool to keep the security program targeted on the areas that need the most attention. Using a data-driven approach – that is, [...]

Outlook on Risk & Security Compliance in 2012 – What to Expect.

This New Year’s Eve, I thought at times my neighbors were using a rocket launcher and several assault rifles to shoot up the New Year.  Lucky for me,  I spent the awake time to contemplate the outlook for risk, threat and security issues for 2012 and here’s what I [...]