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You can’t manage risk if you can’t measure it.


Trusted by companies for Security and Compliance.

Enterprise Wide Scope

Conduct independent assessments across all facilities simultaneously.


Built-in automation capabilities remind the users of assessments and assigned tasks to be completed.

Adaptable to your Environment

Our solutions are scalable, robust, cloud based, and device friendly.


We understand the unique security needs of our customers across all industries.


Streamlines the process of collecting information and producing quantifiable reports.

Visualize Risk

Our solutions provide an Interactive Dashboard for assessment information, status, and results.


Our solutions enable you to drill down into reports to identify specific sets of requirements and how a number of facilities are performing based on those requirements.

We have a product for any type of engagement

Reduce exposure to liability. Manage risk. Monitor and maintain security. Track continuous improvement.

Prepare for audits. Meet regulatory compliance. Identify vulnerabilities. Manage your mitigation plan.

Evaluate cyber risk across multiple scopes. Build a register of risk for your assets. Reduce your chance of cyber attacks.


RiskWatch strives to be a company that makes the world a better place by making it more secure. We are committed to exceptional customer service and to providing state-of-the-art risk assessment and compliance solutions that are easy to use, affordable and offer exceptional value to our clients.

RiskWatch believes that you can’t manage security and compliance risk effectively if you can’t measure it. Our unique approach provides advanced risk assessment and protection against the dynamic, ever-evolving threat landscape.


We have simplified the process of performing assessments by coordinating with sources of data. Our subject matter experts maintain over 30 libraries of content for our customers where control requirements have been associated with questions, weights, vulnerabilities, staff roles, types of assessments and other factors to enable turn-key compliance. 

We pair services with our platform to assist our customers in migrating from excel, their current vendor or an internally built solution.

We are trusted by many of the fortune 100 for Security and Compliance.


In 1993, RiskWatch began developing specialized, easy-to-use, risk and compliance assessment software that could be used by clients all over the world for physical security, information security, hospital security, FFIEC, HIPAA compliance, GDPR compliance and more. The software was developed in accordance with federal guidelines and a variety of US Federal agencies, such as Veteran Affairs, the Department of Justice, The US Department of Defense, and the National Security Agency. 

Since, RiskWatch has been used by State governments in all 50 states and internationally in Belgium, Canada, Dubai, Malta, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Romania, South Africa, Japan, Thailand, and Switzerland.

From multi-national corporations to community banks, RiskWatch’s risk assessment software became one of the most adaptable and widely used security risk assessment software platforms in the world.


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